Gracie Modern Arbors featured in the classic gardens of the Greystone Mansion


Grace Design Associates, the award-winning Santa Barbara landscape design firm, has integrated 14 Gracie Modern Arbors into the public gardens of the iconic Beverly Hills Greystone Mansion.  The arbors transform pathways into magical allées that run alongside a classic 60 ft. reflecting pool at the legendary mansion which is also National Historic Landmark.  The 14 aubergine Gracie arbors are underplanted with soft blues, silvers and greens and vines are woven throughout. 

This extraordinary display is one of the highlights of Maison de Luxe, a benefit sponsored by Luxe Interiors + Design magazine.  Twenty six nationally-recognized designers have each imagined fantastical spaces in this incredible early 20th century estate (now a park). Maison de Luxe is open to the public Dec. 2-22.  All proceeds benefit the Friends of Greystone Foundation.  Come experience Margie Grace's inspiring design and stroll under the Gracies! 

photo by Grey Crawford for Luxe Magazine

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