zinc: a cool presence in the garden

modern silver steel wall trellis vertical garden

We are proud to introduce our new silver finish we call “zinc".  A lustrous, diamagnetic metal, zinc is found in all living organisms and is the 24th most abundant element in Earth's crust. Inspired by zinc’s timeless quality and usage, our namesake powdercoat finish is of a medium silver hue with a rich, mercury-like patina. The silvery finish of the trellis reflects the ambient light and elements of the garden. 

Metals of various shades and reflective finishes are widely used in modern architecture, and are integrated as a key design element in homes, landscapes, commercial, and public spaces. In modern gardens in particular, the combination of organic materials like flowers foliage against a sleek, silvery finish creates a sophisticated juxtaposition. Silver details remain popular thanks to their timeless aesthetic, which looks as modern today as it did mid-century.

Silver metals are adaptable to many settings — from glamorous to high-tech. With its durability and low maintenance, stainless steel can be found among some of the most famous structures and architectural wonders of the past 100 years, from The Chrysler Building in Manhattan to the sculptural masterpiece Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. 


The Empire State Building marked the first extensive use of aluminum, a lightweight and energy efficient metal enjoying renewed usage under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. Zinc is a resilient and abundant material. Long part of the gleaming rooftops of Europe, zinc is finding new popularity among architects looking for more sustainable building materials due to its versatility, recyclability, and lower carbon footprint. 


Mirroring its environment, silver reflects the space and energy that surrounds it. One of the noble metals, silver is thought to reflect positive and female energy, hope, meditation, and prosperity.  We know firsthand how silver is effective in landscapes because of our work with large-scale abstract sculpture. At our sister studio Terra Sculpture, we have been creating sculpture with “silvery” metals like stainless steel for many years. Our modern abstract sculptures are placed in homes, gardens, and public spaces. 

Though striking in many settings, our garden trellises finished in zinc highly complement a sleek modern aesthetic and all designs in the TerraTrellis collection are now available in this new finish.  We crafted the rich silver hue to illuminate the surrounding natural elements, creating a grounding, calming, and purifying presence in any garden. 


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