Anything but Ordinary

Our Gracie Modern Arbor is gracing the pages of this month's Sunset Magazine and we couldn't be more thrilled!

"Anything but ordinary, this circular trellis is a sculpture you can walk through. In Sunset’s test garden, our “moon gate” entrance to veggie beds is also an ideal support for scarlet runner beans. Vine-covered or bare, it makes a big statement. The rustproof steel hoop measures 80 inches across and comes in seven vivid colors (we chose Kumquat). Each structure is handcrafted in Los Angeles by a sculpture and design studio."

Sunset garden editor Johanna Silver brilliantly planted scarlet runner bean seeds at the base of the arbor. Within two months she had a stunning masterpiece and a new gateway to the edible gardens in the magazine's California headquarters.  A true work of living, functional art in the garden. 

Before:  Designer and garden writer Rebecca Sweet of Gossip in the Garden posted this "before" photo of the Gracie when she recently visited Sunset's test gardens.  With or without scarlet runner beans, the Gracie makes quite a statement!

Before: Garden writer Rebecca Sweet of Harmony in the Garden posted this

Any climbing plant will grow in harmony with the Gracie Modern Arbor, but here are just a few more ideas for pairings:
cherry tomato
morning glory
sweet pea
climbing rose
climbing hydrangea
trumpet vine
carolina jessamine
morning glory
passion vine

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