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BOX FINISHES:         color chart window boxes

TRELLIS FINISHES:                                               modern window box metal     

MATERIALS:  stainless steel, oxidized steel or zero-VOC powdercoated steel

DIMENSIONS:  box 25" width  x 8" height x 7.5" depth                                    trellis: 25" width x 25" height  

FUNCTION:  Create an instantly chic garden with The Bloom Bungalow Window Box + Trellis. Each unit comes with an internal resin planter with a built-in reservoir that captures the water and keeps plants hydrated at the roots (we recommend using the internal planter for ease of use). You can also neatly hide three 6-7" dia. clay or plastic pots. Drainage holes in the Bungalow are optional. Use the trellis to train climbers, dry fresh herbs or artfully place airplants. 

FORM:  The Bloom Bungalow Window Box + Trellis is our exciting collaboration with Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit, the plant geniuses behind The Horticult and authors of How to Window Box.  It's a fresh twist on the classic window box with clean lines, irresistible finishes, and a modern adjustable trellis system to support climbers or airplants. Create a tabletop culinary garden, a mini desert or an inner jungle with your outrageous tropical houseplants! Cultivate a di-vine garden, indoors or out!

LEARN MORE:  Click here to learn more Bloom Bungalow details and read the collab backstory! 

modern window box herb gardenmodern window box planter