Haute Horticulture

Like fashion, gardens are now transitioning from their vibrant summer looks into the more muted tones of the fall season. Our summer was loaded with horticultural and design inspiration, bursting with color and texture from diverse landscapes coast to coast.  Below is a photo journal of some magical summer moments; a mashup of images from private potager gardens, to island farms to spectacular public spaces. 

Above: The summer landscape of the High Line in New York City is a breathtaking study in contrasts. 

Above: Grasses, flowering perennials and trees weave interesting tapestries throughout the High Line gardens. 

Above: Horticulture and architecture collide along the former elevated train tracks of the High Line. 

Above: Fields of Rudbeckia (Black Eyed Susan) pop in a private New England garden. 

Above: Echinacea 'Purpurea' (Purple Cone Flower) patch in New England. 

Above: This hoop-house/greenhouse crawls through the gardens of Nip 'N Tuck organic farm on Martha's Vineyard. 

Above: Planting asparagus and broccoli seedlings at Nip 'N Tuck organic farm on Martha's Vineyard.

Above: Native grasses frame vibrant pink mallows along a barrier beach pond on Martha's Vineyard. 

Above: Akoris Garden Tuteurs support summer tomatoes in a raised modern potager garden by Elow Landscape Design in Los Angeles.  

Above: Our Mira Garden Trellis Sr. does double time as a trellis and work of art in a California summer garden. Edible and ornamental plants include Distictus 'Buccinatoria' (Blood Red Trumpet Vine), artichokes and Rosemary. 

Above: Our sculptural new Bird Cafe birdfeeder sits atop the Akoris Garden Tuteur Sr. in a southern California landscape. Plants in this edible/ornamental summer garden include raspberry vine, succulents, Rosemary and Wisteria Sinensis. 

Above: A Gracie Modern Arbor supports Distictus 'Rivers' (Royal Trumpet Vine) and frames a birdbath, creating a stunning modern composition in a California front yard. 

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