Re-imagining the trellis

TerraTrellis grows from the collaborative art and design team at TerraSculpture, a California-based studio. For several years, we've been creating impactful modern outdoor sculpture for gardens across the U.S. and beyond.  TerraTrellis is our collection of functional sculpture made by hand in our Los Angeles studio.

We've re-imagined the classic garden structure for the modern garden. Our sculptural trellises are designed to support and integrate with plants or vines, forming spectacular works of self- standing, living art in the landscape.

Find your inner-landscape designer 

Each TerraTrellis is made in seven impactful colors (all inspired by Mother Nature herself). Vines, climbers, perennials and edibles can literally grow inside, behind and around the trellis. The trellises can also stand alone for simple architectural punch.

We encourage you to tap into your inner landscape designer and create your own work of living art. Have fun with your right brain, pairing compelling plants to integrate with your trellis. Some of our favorite plants for pairing include ornamentals like clematis, rose, bougainvillea, jasmine, honeysuckle, passion vine, mandevilla, thunbergia, sweet pea, potato vine and bower vine. Edibles like grape, tomato and beans love TerraTrellis support and of course appropriate regional natives are great for pairing.