zinc: a cool presence in the garden

modern silver steel wall trellis vertical garden

We are proud to introduce our new silver finish we call “zinc". A lustrous, diamagnetic metal, zinc is found in all living organisms and is the 24th most abundant element in Earth's crust. Inspired by zinc’s timeless quality and usage, our namesake powdercoat finish is of a medium silver hue with a rich, mercury-like patina. The silvery finish of the trellis reflects the ambient light and elements of the garden. Read More>

Our garden hero: the Bee

At TerraTrellis we have a serious case of garden fever. It’s April, after all. Things are blooming, the weather is warming, and every time we check our inbox we’re reading about spring gardening tasks and swooning over garden landscapes, spring plants, and the upcoming edible bounty.

The beauty of a winter's garden

As a large part of the nation continues to be blanketed in snow, we here on the West Coast are reminded of our easygoing climate, year round planting opportunities, and perpetual state of renewal.  But there’s something to be said for the unique beauty of winter’s dormant nature as the soil quiets itself in a slumbering stillness.

Haute Horticulture

Like fashion, gardens are now transitioning from their vibrant summer looks into the more muted tones of the fall season. Our summer was loaded with horticultural and design inspiration, bursting with color and texture from diverse landscapes coast to coast.  Below is a photo journal of some magical summer moments; a mashup of images from private potager gardens, to island farms to spectacular public spaces.